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Safeguard Your Data

With ODI’s Managed Backups, your data is always safe and secure. Avoid the costly
consequences of data loss and ensure all critical information is reliably backed up.

Robust Backup Options

ODI offers monitored cloud-based backup options, as well as localized backups, disaster recovery backups and server synchronization & specialized backup products for Microsoft O365 and Google Mail. Protect multiple devices & locations at once.

Affordable Plans

ODI’s backup solutions provide peace of mind at an affordable price, with cloud-based backups tarting at just $9.95 per month and email backups for as little as $3.50mo per account. Protect your business data without breaking the bank.

Why Backup Your Data?

Protect Essential Data Before Disaster Strikes!

Data loss is a significant risk for businesses, with 4.6 million incidents occurring annually and costing over $18 million. Understanding the common causes of data loss can help you take preventive measures to protect your valuable information.

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Common Causes of Data Loss:

  • Hardware Failure

    Equipment malfunctions can lead to significant data loss.

  • Human Error

    Accidental deletion or improper handling of data is a frequent issue.

  • Software Corruption

    Faulty software can corrupt or erase important files.

  • Theft

    Physical theft or unauthorized access can compromise your data.

  • Computer Viruses

    Malware and ransomware attacks pose a constant threat.

We provide quality Managed Backup Solutions.

ODI Backup Solutions ensuring secure, automated backups with encryption and scalable storage options. Trust us to safeguard your critical business data reliably and efficiently.
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Why use ODI BackTrak

We Watch your data so you don’t have to.

Flexible Storage Options

Choose between cloud-based or local storage solutions tailored to your data needs and security preferences.

24/7 Monitoring

ODI monitors your account, ensuring that backups take place on schedule and that data is successfully protected. If you need help, we’re ready to restore information quickly.

Encryption and Security

Utilize robust encryption methods to safeguard your sensitive information from unauthorized access/breaches.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Prepare for the unexpected with customized disaster recovery plans designed to minimize downtime and restore operations swiftly.

Scalable Backup Solutions

Scale your backup solutions as your business grows, ensuring flexibility & efficiency with compromising data integrity.

Automated Backup Scheduling

Enjoy peace of mind with automated backups that ensure your data is consistently protected without manual intervention.

Affordable Price

Choose the Product that are right for you

Finding an affordable price for your needs is essential when selecting a product or service. Consider your budget, features offered, and value for money to make the best decision that fits your financial situation and requirements.

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starting at


per month

  • Automated, Recurring Backups
  • Individual Monitoring
  • Customized Backup Settings
  • Cloud-Based Storage
  • Affordable Pricing

*Backup costs based on data volume. Inquire for quote.

Monitored Cloud

starting at


per month

  • Automated, Recurring Backups
  • Individual Monitoring
  • Customized Backup Settings
  • Local & Cloud-Based Storage
  • Affordable Pricing

*Backup costs based on data volume. Inquire for quote.

Microsoft / Google
Email backup

starting at


per month (account) / $10 month (data)

  • Automated, Recurring Backups
  • Individual Monitoring
  • Customized Backup Settings
  • Local & Cloud-Based Storage
  • Affordable Pricing

*Backup costs based on data volume. Inquire for quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find Answers to Your Backup Concerns

Original 3-2-1 BACKUP RULE: The “Original” —read ‘older’–3-2-1 Rule: is a data protection strategy that hasbeen around for quite some time.
​​It recommends having three copies of your data, stored on two different types of media, with one copy keptoff-site.

New 3-2-1-1-0 BACKUP RULE: The modernized variation of the traditional 3-2-1 rule—called the 3-2-1-1-0Rule–reflects current data protection best practices.
​​Keep THREE copies of data (in addition to original data); on TWO different types of media (Cloud, SSD, NAS,etc); with at least ONE copy kept offsite; and ONE copy kept completely offline (‘air gapped’ or off network).Finally, be sure backups contains ZERO errors.

Important Data Files You Should Consider when setting up your backup(s):

  • Credit Card & Payment Transactions/Receipts.
  • Updated Client Information Files.
  • Accounting Data (Invoicing, Billing, Receivables and Payables)
  • Personnel Files and Payroll.
  • Communications.
  • Project Management.
  • Photos / Videos
  • Other Frequently Updated or “Core to Business” Files (example: design documents at an architectural firm; art files at a Graphics Design firm; etc)
  • Anything else that you could not easily recreate, should data loss occur

While there are no exact data loss stats on that, studies show that 62% of people who own a computer have lost data at some point, while 76% have deleted something unintentionally. Naturally, this can happen in an organization as well, which makes backing data up essential.

There are quite a few things you can do to avoid data losses, starting with an overall policy for your devices, including in relation to passwords and BYOD (Bring your own devices). Then, you should properly back up all your data (ideally with a monitored/managed backup solution). Consider encrypting any sensitive information you work with. Finally, listen to data loss statistics and update your equipment regularly (#1 cause of data loss!), and use security & antimalware products such as email security software, firewalls, etc. Need help getting prepared? Call ODI.

It’s a backup or device that is kept completely OFF LINE (not connected to your network or computer in any way). This is the only item that cannot be attacked by malicious attacks like ransomware. Should your system data be encrypted by ransomware, your IT professionals can ‘roll back’ or restore your data using the air gapped (untouched) copy.


  • Almost 70% of small businesses close within a year of a large data loss. (Consoltech)
  • One Third (33%) of all folders in an average company are not protected at all. (Comparitech)
  • The global average data breach cost in 2023 was $4.45 million. (Statista)
  • 96% of workstations are not being backed up properly. (Uni Trends)
  • 42% of professionals think ransomware is the biggest threat, particularly with sensitive information like financial transactions and customer relationships.
  • Less than 38% of professionals worry about mobility/BYOD policies at work.


  • Hardware/Software failure
  • Human error (accidental deletion)
  • Natural disasters & Power Failures (fire, flood, hurricane)
  • Ransomware and Malware Cyberattacks
  • Malicious deletion & theft (disgruntled employees)

Up to 94% of companies that experience a severe data loss never recover.

The impact of data loss could be so significant that it eventually sinks a business. This is partly because it can take around 280 days (over nine months) to identify and contain a data breach. The consequences can be pretty alarming:

  • 51% of companies close within two years of the incident
  • 43% do not reopen again
  • Almost 70% of small businesses close within a year of a large data loss.

The average ransomware victim loses 35% of their data.

Even if you pay the ransom demanded by cybercriminals, there’s no way to know for sure if you’ll get (all) your data back. As little as 8% of victims who pay ransom recover all of their data, data loss statistics show. Your best course of action to recover data? Restore a backup before the attach occurred.

In a Ransomware attack, the malicious software/virus accesses your system(s) and may reach all other systems / storage devices connected to that system. If this happens, the software can also access local backup solutions that are connected, which means that both your data and your locally BACKED UP data can be encrypted and held ‘ransom’, leaving you with no recovery resources. Offsite cloud-based backups and ‘air gapped’ backups are often the only option available to restore your data and get back up and working. These are the #1 recommendation to keep your data secure.

ODI offers a variety of backup solutions, both local and cloud-hosted, including: ​

  • Managed, Cloud-Hosted Backups
  • Local On-Premises Backups
  • Full-Metal Disaster Recovery Backups
  • Email Cloud Backup
  • Website Backups
  • Encrypted Remote Backups

Yes, ODI offers a fully managed backup solution – called ODI Back Trak – which is monitored for optimal performance. This backup solution includes detailed, automated backup reports to ensure all backups are completed successfully. Data is stored securely on cloud-based servers for offsite data redundancy.

Yes, ODI can assist with setup of localized backup solutions, including NAS (Network Addressable Storage) systems and full image backups (aka ‘bare metal’ backups), which can be maintained right at your home or office location.

Yes, ODI offers secure, cloud-based backup options, as well as options that include data encryption to ensure your data is kept completely secure.

For ‘hosted’ backup solutions, data is stored on cloud-based servers at alternate, offsite locations. Backup cost is based on the volume of data being stored on these servers, with plans ranging from $9.99mo. With local backup options (such as a NAS backup), ODI can quote a flat fee for backup equipment and setup fees, since the data stays on your own system(s) locally – so there are no ongoing, recurring fees (unless you wish ODI to remotely monitor/manage these backups).

  • Don’t find out your data has NOT been backing up only when disaster strikes and you most NEED it.
  • Don’t waste time manually doing your own backups (taking time away from your own work).
  • Don’t struggle to remember to run backups, or keep track of how long ago backups were last done.
  • Avoid the complexities of managing backups on multiple computers & devices.
  • Don’t waste time checking back to see that backups completed successfully.
  • Avoid keeping tabs on external storage drives used for backups, clearing space
  • Avoid costs of managing your own backup devices & replacement costs for failed equipment (common).
  • Skip the confusion of trying to transport & rotate off-site backups for disaster recovery.
  • Avoid complexity of trying to securely store your data via encrypted methods.
  • Finally, avoid the stress of worrying about backups & let ODI remotely monitor and manage everything.